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Below are several resources related to the transition to parenthood that you may find helpful.

Triangle Area Perinatal Mental Health Therapists

Rosenberg Perinatal Psychotherapy -

Veronica Kemeny -

Kayce Hodos -

Robin Forgione -

Janelle Johnson -

Hilary Mandzik -

Ruth Echols Amos -

Amanda Harwell -

Deb King -

Sara Crow -

Carolina Robbins -

Glynis Fullwood -

Lori DeBlaker -

Waypoint Counseling & Maternal Wellness -

You can also use the Postpartum Support International provider directory to find providers that specialize in perinatal mental health.

Perinatal Mental Health Prescribers

Support Groups/Social Support

Moms Supporting Moms -

Triangle Area Parenting Support -


HER Health Collective -

Postpartum Support International -

Podcasts and Apps

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